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The market’s strategic position with respect to Ciutat Vella and the ring formed by the Ronda has placed it at the centre of a busy shopping hub that transcends the boundaries of the building itself and spills over onto the surrounding neighbourhood. Over the years, concentrating trade into this one district has led to the emergence of different constructions around the market to house temporary street market stalls. These -seasonal and Sunday – markets are without a dount worth preserving and promoting, given that they not only complement the services of the market selling fresh produce, but they also manage to turn the entire complex into one of Barcelona’s most iconic landmarks. bird-eye’s view of the Sant Antoni Market in a Greek cross shape, the central octagon is crowned with a large dome The recovered triangular plazas, apart from allowing easier access and visibility to the building, will become platforms and supporters of new complementary activities. They’re as well ideal spaces to host smaller format activities –such as storytelling or other spectacles- that would complement perfectly the Sunday market.

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